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    Make sure every day of your grand adventure gets off to an unbeatable start with Summit to Eat's Morning Oats with Raspberry breakfasts. These pouches of creamy rolled oats and delicious raspberry pieces provide a nutritious, scrumptious and energised breakfast meal, ideal for any adventurous trek, tour or excursion. Whether you need fuelling up before a day-long hike in the great outdoors, a challenging cross country ski trip, or a heart-racing mountainous climb, these fruity oats can be the perfect adventure food — just what you what you need to start your day right! Each pouch is packed full of energy, including a good source of protein and over 60g of carbohydrates, to help keep you going until lunch time. No matter what exciting activities you’ve got lined up for the day, this delicious breakfast is sure to provide you with the perfect nutritious start to the day – everything you need to start the day full of energy and ready for whatever the day brings your way.
    Ingredients, which consist of whole milk, single cream, rolled oats, sugar and raspberry, are cooked as part of Summit to Eat's special freeze-drying process to give great flavour and taste. As part of the process, all meals are cooked first before freeze-drying. This ensures that Summit to Eat can create the perfect meal every time. Instead of an assortment of freeze-dried ingredients, you get a high-quality, delicious meal, designed to taste great in any environment.

    Summit To Eat understand that the eager adventurer can find themselves in a wide range of exciting environments and situations. That’s why they make sure it’s quick and easy to prepare meals. Whether it’s relaxing at the end of the day during a camping trip, or in the morning before a long day’s hike, all you need is to add water and you’ll have delicious and filling expedition food in minutes. During longer expeditions, we know that packing space can really be at a premium. That’s why all the pouches are also light and easy to pack, designed to take up little room in any adventurer’s backpack.

    Ingredients and Allergens:
    Whole Milk, Single Cream (Milk) (21%), Rolled Oats (16%), White Sugar, Freeze Dried Raspberry (2%).

    • Kcal per pack: 454
    • Unprepared weight is 98g
    • Amount of water needed: 175ml
    • Vegetarian
    • Ready in less than 10 minutes
    • See catalog for detailed nutritional content
    • EAN/UPC: 5060138531239


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