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    Privacy statement

    NB! This privacy statement is under construction! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Privacy statement

    This privacy statement contains information about how we handle your personal information on We encourage you to read the privacy statement carefully before giving your consent to our processing of your personal information.

    1. Key concepts

    Personal information is information that alone or together with other information can be used to identify, locate or contact a person. Examples of personal information are name, telephone number and IP address. Processing of personal data involves all forms of handling of personal data such as: collection, analysis, registration and storage. The data controller is the one who decides the purpose of the processing of personal data and what information is requested. The data controller is responsible for ensuring that the handling of your personal data takes place in accordance with the current Personal Data Act.

    2. The chairman of the board of Cirdan AS is responsible for processing

    The chairman of the board of Cirdan AS is responsible for the handling of your personal information.

    3. What kind of information do we collect?

    When you register via a form or sign up for a newsletter, we may request the following personal information: Name E-mail address Address Age Other information such as in-depth questions or answers to forms. Web analytics and cookies As an important part of the work of creating a user-friendly website, we look at the user pattern of those who visit the website. To analyze the information, we use the analysis tool Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies (small text files that the website stores on the user's computer), which register the users' IP address, and which provide information about the individual user's movements online. Examples of what the statistics give us answers to are; how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites the users come from and which browsers are used. None of the cookies allows us to link information about your use of the website to you as an individual. The information collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google's servers in the United States. Information received is subject to Google's Privacy Policy.

    4. Information from other sources

    By agreeing to us processing your personal information, you also agree that we may record other information about you that you have provided to us on a previous occasion. Based on publicly available information, we may also supplement your registered information with industry, additional contact information, information about previous jobs or job descriptions. If you are a customer with us, we can also add additional contact information to your information, which you have registered with us via, for example, support.

    5. How do we use the information?

    The information you provide is used for the following purposes: - To get statistics and information about user behavior to improve both the website and the user experience itself. - So that we can give you a more personal experience and deliver products and other content that interests you. We request your personal information to: - Respond to inquiries. - Send the desired material, or in other ways be able to fulfill our obligations towards you submitting your information. - Create and maintain a sales dialogue. - Send information that may be of interest to you. - Add to the mailing list for news and other content that you have chosen to receive.

    6. Consent to e-mail correspondence, direct marketing and further contact

    By agreeing to our processing of your personal data in accordance with the above purposes, you agree to the following: - We process your personal information in accordance with this privacy statement. - We can send you direct marketing via e-mail about our products. - We can contact you by e-mail. Newsletters are sent out only after obtaining your permission. You can update your subscription settings and say no to further emails by following the link at the bottom of our emails, or by contacting us directly.

    7. How long is the information stored?

    We process the personal data only as long as it is appropriate, then we delete the information. If you have an active dialogue with us by email, we will take care of your information for as long as it is appropriate. If you have consented to the processing of your personal data in connection with your acceptance of regular e-mails, we will continue to process your personal data until you terminate your subscription.

    8. Who can the information be shared with?

    The information provided will be available to a limited number of people in the business, most often someone who works in the marketing department or in the administration.

    9. We share a certain amount of information within the framework of cooperation with third parties

    We do not sell your personal information to third parties. If there is an ongoing sales or customer dialogue between you, us and any of our partners, we share information such as:
    E-mail address

    If we have recorded your information in connection with an event carried out together with an external party, we may transfer the same categories of personal information as indicated above, as well as any answers to further form or further questions.

    10. Where is the information stored?

    If you subscribe to newsletters, your email address will be stored on Mailchimp's servers in the United States. Read Mailchimp's privacy statement here.

    11. You have the right to know what information we have about you

    As of 25 May 2018, the new Data Protection Act enters into force. From then on, you have the right to receive information about what information we have about you in the form of a data extract. You can also demand that we correct incorrect information or delete your information. You also have the right to withdraw the consent that we will process your personal data. If you withdraw your consent, we will remove the information we have about you. Please note that deleting the information with us may affect the delivery of information within the framework of the customer relationship, as well as affect ongoing dialogues. If you wish to withdraw your consent or demand a data extract, correction or deletion, please contact us at the e-mail address we have provided under the section for contact information. To receive a data extract, you must send an electronic copy of the request to a signed document.

    12. Contact information for Cirdan as

    The chairman of the board of Cirdan is responsible for processing your personal information. If you have questions about the treatment or want to get in touch with us to exercise your rights, you will find our contact information below:

    Cirdan AS
    Industriveien 8b, 1461 Lørenskog
    +47 22 02 50 00
    NO 981290909 MVA